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Specializing in weight management, barbell, kettlebell, body weight training, HITT, cross-training and strength conditioning. Classes are instructed by RKC and ISSA certified instructors.

Monthly rate is $150 for 1-7 days a week

PERSONAL TRAINING $65 an hour or $75 an hour in-home!

Small Group Classes (2-8 people) available to you and your friends.

Monthly rate is $400 for 2 days a week and $500 for 3 days.

On-site or in-home options!


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5:30 Group Training5:30 Group Training5:30 Group Training5:30 Group Training5:30 Group Training
6:30 Group Training6:30 Group Training6:30 Group Training6:30 Group Training6:30 Group Training
8:30 Group Training8:30 Group Training8:30 Group Training8:30 Group Training8:30 Group Training8:00 Circuit
9:30 Recovery9:30 Recovery9:30 Recovery9:00 Spartan
10:30 Youth Fitness10:30 Youth Fitness10:30 Youth Fitness
3:30 Youth Fitness3:30 Youth Fitness3:30 Youth Fitness
4:30 Group Training4:30 Group Training4:30 Group Training4:30 Group Training4:30 Group Training
5:30 Group Training5:30 Group Training5:30 Group Training5:30 Group Training5:30 Group Training
6:30 Group Training6:30 Group Training6:30 Group Training6:30 Group Training

We love to have a lot of fun…the kind of FUN that builds lifelong friendships while you build the stronger, fitter version of you!



Travis Newton

BodyRebuild and StrongFirst Certified, Trainer NLFC Co-owner

Travis’s training began in 2000 at a local gym. He was a “floor manager” which entailed helping members maintain proper form, keeping the machines clean and chatting with the members. Travis fell in love with the atmosphere and the opportunity to enrich others lives, so he worked his way up to the trainer. Inspired by his coworkers’ functional training skills, he shadowed them as often as possible.

Travis said, “The functional aspect was intriguing because I was wrestling in college at that time. Working out to simply look good wasn’t important to me; I wanted to be functionally fit. While I was training for strength, looking lean and muscular just happened naturally.”

Travis has had several certifications but his most prized is his BodyRebuild Certification. “Teaching someone how to eliminate pain is incredible! They can potentially eliminate pain in any area of the body if they use the BodyRebuild techniques. I’m able to train them in the comfort of their own home as well,” says Travis

In regards to Travis’s style of training, he states, “Fatigue is not an excuse for poor form. That’s something my brother and I say. I take my job very seriously and I always look out for my clients best interests, that being said…I try to make the sessions fun and effective. I guess I have a reputation for dancing poorly in front of the class. That’s fine, as long as everyone enjoying themselves, I’m doing my job”

Thomas Coakley

As a child growing up I was always into sports. Had a tremendous heart and work ethic but lacked size, power, and strength. I was blessed with the opportunity to be a 3-sport athlete at the prestigious St. Mary’s High School in Phoenix, AZ but it was a rough path in doing so. My freshman year of football I sat on the bench and was cut from the basketball team. At that moment I begged my mother, who was a single parent without transportation, to help me invest into a personal trainer. As most parents try, she squeezed every extra amount she had into this investment that would change her son’s life for a lifetime. Within the 1st 6 months of training, I went from 150lbs to 180lbs gaining 30lbs of muscle mass, increased my speed in the 40-yard dash from a snail’s pace of 5.1 seconds to 4.6 seconds(as a sophomore) and ultimately boosted my confidence as every young teenager deserves. Entering my sophomore year I went on to play varsity and started on the schools’ basketball team. The end picture resulted in furthering my education and making the team for a Division I-AA University, which might I add…no one else went on to play at a higher level in my graduating class.

After taking Kinesiology courses in college, holding a NASM Certification and most recently taking on a USAW Certification; nothing has helped me gain more knowledge than working hands-on with clients of the past and present. Within the last five years of Personal Training, I have also assisted in the Strength and Conditioning program for the Vintage High Football team the past three years. Every client has individual needs and goals, therefore, one style of training doesn’t often work. I pride myself in the knowledge of weight loss, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting and Sports specific training. I often preach the “80/20 rule” – 80% nutrition/20% training & exercise. With that being said, I sit down with every client and study their current eating habits and create a nutrition plan catered to their personal goals. I train others because I want to inspire and motivate the body and mind. Setting personal fitness goals and rising above them gives one the feeling that they can conquer anything and everything!


Napa’s one and only TRUE FITNESS CLUB.  Run, walk, workout, ride or kayak your way to the leaner, happier, healthy version of you!  

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